Ngày xửa ngày xưa

This story is quite simple, what I want to tell is purely a love at first sight, the harmony of the souls and more than a happy ending, it’s a happy journey.
Once upon a time there was a princess who loved birds, forest and morning sunshine
She lived in the castle but like a wild flower, she emanated her fragrance slightly

All at once, the adolescence came to give her such a stunning beauty that made the moon jealous, the stars dim and the clouds astonished
Many kings showed their fortune to ask for her hand but she refused

One afternoon she went to the forest to pick mushrooms
She pinned a flower on her chest and sang a folk song (la la la…)
She moved passionately (la la…) with graceful feet (la la…) freely on dry leaves
Having followed a pretty deer (la la…) enthusiastically (la la…), she lost her way

Suddenly she recognized to have left the path
Like a baby fawn, she trembled anxiously
She clasped her hands, praying that someone would come

Then a hunter appeared like a fresh sunlight
Their hearts fluttered from the first sight
He held her soft hands and they danced in harmonious melodies of waltz

The king and his court forbade this love
Without giving them even a falling fruit (la la la…)
They left together (la la…) along the river, over the forest (la la…)
The hut was overflowing with songs and the two hearts (la la…) built their dreams

Thenceforth they lived together without any desire for wealth and loved each other like sky and ocean
Everyday their beautiful children were by their side in a glorious happiness that shined until eternity…

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