My ladies

My ladies

My ladies worship power and richness
My ladies pick up so-called celebs’ mannerism
My ladies shout at their maids and cry for their idols
My ladies dream that a knight comes and takes them to palace

My ladies extol the extravagance of those they have never met
My ladies trust media more than innocent words of children
My ladies prefer their eyes to their emotions
My ladies love by ears rather than by heart

My ladies swank their selfie in an iron box
My ladies lift their thoughts two meters above the ground maximum
My ladies don’t invest a cent and want to gain millions
My ladies say and do meanderingly like their curves

My ladies haggle effortfully over a fruit
My ladies spend lavishly for cosmetics and clothes
My ladies bore the monuments in front of which they pose
My ladies say “I’m on a diet” and post a litter table of food

My ladies gossip about murders and scream when seeing a cockroach
My ladies treat neighbors with sorrowful music and think they bestow pleasure
My ladies share painful pictures and suppose to be charitable
My ladies narrate problems of others and don’t know it’s their mental illness

My ladies cross red lights to catch film series of two hundred episodes
My ladies drag out moans about miseries they are chained
My ladies view the whole world from their pretty hands
My ladies criticize vague people who said something nebulous