VICIOUS CIRCLE (written by Luna)


You were all right
I was all wrong
You’re the winner
I’m a loser


I’m a prey to feed your mind
You‘re the one who squeezes my pride
I’m the one who surfs the heart
You’re the one who rides the brain

I walk through the dark forest
Longing for a glimmering light
You shine like a perfect sun
Yearning to devour the world


I’m a dreamer
You’re a hunter


I bet my whole life on you
You spent it in few moments
I devote my quintessence
You consume it like a cigarette

I give you my destiny
You juggle my misery
I sow hope on your arrogance
And I gain again and again and again
All my pain
All my fear
All my tears


I’m the one who breaks the rule
You’re the one who makes it through
I’m the one who hides the clue
You’re the one who finds the proof


And I’m swirled and I’m swirled and I’m swirled and I’m swirled and I’m swirled
In the vicious circle of love hate passion illusion…


I try to remember to forget you
But I forget to remember myself

If tomorrow never comes
will you hold me for a while
will you give me a ray of light?

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